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Sage ACT! Customer Relation Management CRM Software

Customer relationships are imperative to the success of every business. Having the right Customer Relation Management CRM software would help deliver comprehensive view of your business operations and activities across sales, marketing and customer service. We have  helped many organisations in Canberra to improve customers’ engagement efficiently and effectively by developing tailored CRM application for various industries.


How Sage ACT! Customer Relation Management CRM software can benefit your business?


For more than 25 years Act! has been at the heart of small businesses and sales teams. Act! is an easy-to-use contact management solution designed for small businesses. By giving you a 360-degree view of all of your customers, it helps you build profitable relationships, whilst helping you to manage and forecast sales

For Managers

  • Build Loyal Relationships with your customers: Provide your service and support staff with the tools they need to increase and maintain high levels of service—driving customer loyalty.
  • Increase Sales and Marketing Efforts: Arm sales and marketing teams with the sales automation, productivity, and business analytics tools they need to increase sales effectiveness.
  • Gain Business Insights: Turn insight into action with advanced analytics tools.
  • Customised To Suit Your Needs: Tailor your solution to address your unique industry and business needs.
  • Take Advantage of Flexible Deployment Options: Deploy flexible deployment and access options that work best for your unique business requirements.
For Staff

  • Make informed and profitable decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline.
  • Drive opportunities to a close by automating your proven sales processes.
  • Maximise team selling effectiveness with reporting and advanced business analytic tools.
  • Enable your mobile workforce with anytime, anywhere access to vital customers' information on smart phones, touch pads or via the Web.
  • Streamline your sales methodology by creating common selling process driven by best practices.
  • Reduce the time spent in unproductive areas and shorten the sales cycle with effective outcomes.

For Marketing

  • Automatically route hot leads so they’re worked on fast.
  • Easily manage leads, increase marketing efficiencies and ensuring data integrity.
  • Attract profitable customers and automatically nurture leads.
  • Understand why you're winning and losing deals and make adjustments.
  • Understand and analyse which campaigns have the most responses and best conversion rates.
  • Maintain a central library for marketing information, manuals, pricing and sales tools.
  • Track the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing campaigns with ROI and Budget tools.
For Customer Services / Support

  • Get a complete view of the customer to maximize interactions.
  • Quickly analyse ticket volume and trends to assess the customer experience and team performance.
  • Manage tickets, defects, returns, and support contracts boosting loyalty and service levels.
  • Increase the levels of service you provide and manage your team effectively with insights into team performance.
  • Receive alerts automatically so you're always aware of issues and can take rapid and informed actions.
  • Empower your customers to get the support they need 24/7.
  • increasing the customer experience and reducing service and support costs.

For IT Professionals

  • Customise to address unique business and industry needs.
  • Automate processes across your organisation leveraging the powerful Process Orchestration Engine.
  • Flexible, standards-based architecture easily integrates into your existing IT environment enabling future growth and expansion.
  • Easily configure and manage your CRM Solution using Administrator tools.
  • Ensure your vital data is secure with sophisticated security options.

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